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AGM 2022

Monday October 17th 2022

Notice is hereby given that the 2022 Annual General Meeting of the North West Highlands Geopark will take place on:

Thursday 27th October @ 7:00pm

The meeting will be held virtually via Zoom video conference.

Come and join us to hear an update on our work! All are welcome to attend, although only registered Members Of the Geopark will have the ability to vote on proposed resolutions. Find out more about becoming a Member of the Geopark.

In addition to the AGM Meeting there will be a talk hosted by Highland Stoneware (David Grant and Josh Wilson) on their geological glaze project. David explains:

At Highland Stoneware, we fire our kiln up to 1300 centigrade, which enables us to melt many of the fabulous rocks in our area, which we have all grown to love. The process is akin to remetamorphosing the materials. I originally worked on this while a Post Graduate Student at the Royal College of Art in London in the early 1970s, and in Lochinver in the fledgling days of Highland Stoneware.
We resumed working on it in 2014, and have been delighted and encouraged by the huge interest in the results from our customers, geologists, ceramic academics, and vitally, our employees. Their Creative use of the new glazes has been astonishing, as I hope to illustrate. We invite everyone to have a look at our website as there is more information there.

This is what we call a triaxial blend, and this one is where we have focussed much of our work. The glaze at the top is a Gneiss from the Morefield Quarry in Ullapool. The bottom left is the Limestone from the same Quarry. The bottom right is the Heddle Quarry in Orkney. All the others are proportions of these elements in a grid.

This Triaxial is the basis of what has recently been accepted by the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, together with Vases in selected glazes designed by a founding HS Director David, Marquess of Queensberry. Highland Stoneware was recently filmed by Channel 4 with strong focus on the Geological Glazes, and is scheduled to be shown in Spring. We were delighted last year to win a Highly Commended award for a Geological Glaze design by the prestigious Mino International Ceramics competition in Japan. This was developed by Riona in Ullapool.”

Find out more about Geological Glazes – Made From Scotland.


Do you live in the North West Highlands Geopark? Or have a strong connection to the area? Become a Member of the Geopark!

Membership is free and will allow you to vote at the AGM, nominate and elect people to serve as directors, or even serve yourself if this is where your interests lie.

Membership is open to anyone who lives within the Geopark’s boundaries and is over 16 and on the electoral roll. If you do not live within the Geopark but have a strong connection or interest in the area, you can still apply and tell us why you’d like to become a member. The directors will consider each application for membership.

The North West Highlands Geopark Ltd is a Charity and all Charities need sound governance. Our Charity particularly needs the support and interest of the communities it serves. So if you believe in the value of the Geopark, then please come and stand with us as a member. As a member you will be showing potential funders that you value the Geopark and the work of the Charity.

Should you wish to become a Member of The Geopark and participate in this AGM you can register using the link below.

Register to become a Member Of The Geopark


Photo credit: (banner) Airborne Lens and VisitScotland, (geological glazes) Highland Stoneware