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Call for Evidence on Highland Climate Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience Data

Thursday December 15th 2022

Highland Adapts Call for Evidence on Highland Climate Risk, Vulnerability and Resilience Data

Highland Adapts is a regional partnership bringing our communities, businesses, land managers and public sector together to facilitate transformational action towards a prosperous, climate-ready Highland.

Highland Adapts are sending out a call for evidence to collate climate change adaptation data from across the Highland region and invites you to share any data you may have in relation to climate risk, vulnerability, and resilience. Climate change is already resulting in an increase in extreme weather events such as flooding, droughts, wildfires and heatwaves, as well as rising sea levels, and these are all expected to increase in frequency and severity over the coming years. To enable and inform the development of locally-appropriate solutions, we are seeking to better understand the current levels of preparedness and resilience across the Highland region.


Data Sharing

All data shared will be securely held and used to inform the Highland Climate Risk and Opportunity Assessment. The outcomes from this assessment will be shared openly to ensure all sectors and bodies have access to and benefit from this crucial work.

The submission deadline for data is December 31st 2022. If you require more time to compile your data, please let us know. If your files can be shared via email, please send them to Harper Loonsk (harper.loonsk@highland.gov.uk). Please also contact Harper if you would like help setting up an alternative method for your file transfer.


What kind of data are we looking for?

This call for evidence is looking to gather information and data on the following areas, which are non-exhaustive but included for illustrative purposes:

  • Key organisational and / or community-level climate vulnerabilities and levels of preparedness in respect of extreme weather events;
  • Supply chain opportunities and vulnerabilities arising as a result of the changing climate;
  • Any recent examples of climate impacts to you, your research area, your organisation or community, or “near misses”;
  • Financial impacts (real or anticipated) in order to respond to or prepare for changes to the climate;
  • Gaps in national policy or availability of data which would help your organisation better prepare for change.

If you have some information or data which you feel could be relevant but are unsure if it’s what we’re looking for, please contact us to discuss.



Highland Adapts is a regional climate change adaptation partnership to bring our communities, land managers, businesses, and public sector together to facilitate transformational action towards a prosperous and climate-ready Highland. To maximise the value of the partnership, a critical workstream is to develop an evidence-based, people-centred climate risk and opportunity assessment. A summary of the methodology for phase 1 of this assessment can be found here.

It is imperative that this assessment builds on the climate adaptation work that has already been carried out in the region and adds value to this rather than duplicate, hence the importance of collating all the existing data and evidence as stage 1 of the process. In addition, we will also be using data collated out with the region, for example, the UK Climate Change Risk Assessment 3. If you have national data that you think is relevant or that we may not be aware of, please also signpost us to this.

We really appreciate your commitment to this assessment and will seek to ensure that once it is published it will be a valuable resource to as many individuals, communities, businesses and public sector partners as possible. As the assessment progresses, there will be further opportunities to be involved; we very much see this process as a journey we are all on that Highland Adapts is helping to facilitate.



Banner photo: Tim Hamlet