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The Rock Route

Explore the amazing rock and landscapes along the Rock Route as you travel through the Geopark. At the various places highlighted on the map you will find great views and information panels explaining stories behind the stunning scenery.

Click on the What3Words link next to each title to view the exact map location of each information panel.

Audio guides have been added to give you a more detailed description of the landscape. Click on the links below to find out more about each of the stops on the Rock Route.

Please be aware that the mobile signal can vary in the Geopark depending on which network you are on. To avoid any disappointment you can download the Rock Route and the Knockan Crag Trail audio guides take them with you on your mobile device to listen at the relevant locations.

Audio introduction to the Rock Route

Rock Route Locations

1. Ullapool   ///surface.ties.daredevil

Look out over the loch and trace the marks left by mountain building, glaciers and changes in sea levels.

2. Strathcanaird  ///collected.biked.verge

An immense sheet of ice once flowed like a river over this land, carving the mountains before you.

3. Stac Pollaidh  ///vines.havens.hardening

A mountain that the weather is gradually wearing down, enjoy it before it disappears.

Knockan Crag NNR – the main event!  ///herds.cake.motive

Along the Rock Route and sandwiched between Stac Pollaidh and Elpin is the Knockan Crag visitor centre. Unlock the mysteries of one of the oldest landscapes in Europe. At Knockan Crag NNR Scotland’s story of ancient oceans, vast deserts and ice sheets, crashing continents and epic journey from pole to pole is told through poetry, sculpture and interactive exhibitions. Get up close to the Moine Thrust and take in a high level trail with amazing views of the landscape in every direction.

This audio guide is an extensive description of the site and trail to take you through the unique geology of the site.

4. Elphin  ///stealing.pushy.adjusting

Different rock types leave their own unique ‘signature’ on the landscape.

5. Bone Caves  ///sleepy.tank.retrieves

Take a hike to the Bone Caves and see where geologists found the remains of some of Scotland’s lost animals.

6. Stronchrubie  ///snows.flips.suspends

The forces that shape the landscape are still at work. Look for the evidence of erosion caused by glaciers.

7. Inchnadamph Hotel  ///tripods.flaked.recently

World famous geologists stayed at this hotel as they explored the mountains.

8. Loch Assynt  ///tries.milkman.dentistry

Meet some of the oldest rocks on the planet and discover how the landscape they formed was lost through time.

9. Unapool  ///hammocks.laying.folders

The mountains across the loch carry the scars of two major thrust planes, where the Earth moved in a big way.

The Rock Stop  ///spacing.ramps.property

Located on the Rock Route close to the hamlet of Unapool, the Rock Stop is the Geopark visitor centre, cafe, shop and exhibition. Take a break from the Rock Route to have lunch, take in the views of the Glencoul Thrust or visit the free Geopark geological exhibition.

For more information visit the Rock Stop page.

10. Kylestrome  ///watch.syndicate.confined

Enjoy a stunning view over the mountains of Assynt, discover the story behind their names.

11. Laxford  ///weeds.reminds.counts

Admire a slice through time, as revealed in the strange patterns and colours that usually lie hidden.

12. Rhiconich  ///triangle.acrobats.motor

Look for the boulders on the skyline. An ice sheet lifted these 20,000 years ago and moved them many km before setting them down.

13. Kyle of Durness  ///prance.limiting.alternate

Get to grips with glaciers! Gaze in awe at their force gouging out the valleys then depositing sand and gravels around Durness.

14. Loch Eriboll  ///finds.nozzle.curly

Discover the great Victorian controversy literally thrust before you, why is the grass greener on the other side?